Gavin was born and raised in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. He was educated at Rastrick Grammar School, where they still had outside toilets right up to the year he left to join the Royal Navy and they closed the school. He joined the Royal Navy in 1985 straight from school, and even before he learnt the results from his exams, and started training to be a Weapon Engineering Mechanic.

His first ship HMS Argonaut saw him maintaining equipment ranging from the Telephone Exchange to Rifles/Pistols and Missile systems. One of his first jobs was to investigate the locking mechanism on an ammunition locker as it was defective and without knowing he was already training for what would be his second career. He advanced through the ranks and served on 2 other surface ships – HMS Cleopatra and HMS Campbeltown before going back to Training college at HMS Collingwood to study and become a Weapons Engineering Technician.

At this point he was offered the opportunity of a lifetime. To become a Submariner – to serve beneath the waves instead of on top of them. Finishing his training and achieving an HNC in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering he went on to HMS Dolphin to learn his Submarine trade. As an Ordnance Artificer he was part of the Weapons Discharge team servicing and maintaining the Torpedoes and Missiles as well as the equipment used to fire them. He served on various Trafalgar Class Submarines (HMS Talent, HMS Trenchant and HMS Turbulent) before being sent to Faslane and joining his final boat HMS Vigilant. There he conducted 2 Nuclear Deterrent Patrols before bringing her in for a Refit at Devonport Royal Dockyard. During his final 3 years in the Navy and at Devonport he began to prepare for life outside the services and started to attain qualifications which would aid him in his transition to civilian life. At that point he also attended Netheravon Army camp and learned to jump out of an aeroplane, eventually becoming a qualified Formation skydiver with over 80 jumps, only stopping jumping when he started up in business for himself.

He first trained as a locksmith in 2008 as an extra skill to have when retiring from the Royal Navy. His initial plan was to become a Police Officer with Devon & Cornwall Constabulary but after numerous conversations and meetings with serving Officers and a day alongside Torquay Police Officers, decided it was not for him and that he could serve the community in a different way.

His initial Locksmith training was with the Institute of Certified Locksmiths (ICL) and once finally released from the Navy did some more training with the company he initially bought a franchise from. After 5 years working for the franchise he decided that the National contracts were not where he wanted to concentrate and Set up Locksmart Devon as his own company, at the same time doing extra training as an Auto Locksmith with the National Network of Approved Locksmiths (NNAL).

For the last 7 years Gavin has done his best for his customers and will continue to treat customers fairly for as long as he is in business. He is a huge supporter of keeping LOCAL services LOCAL and avoiding the National chains where possible. Gavin Has spent 26 years serving his country and is now continuing to serve his local community to the best of his abilities and with the respect he learnt in the Royal Navy.

Gavin is now helping his local community by providing a fair, honest and professional service whenever asked. He takes part in charity events, rising money for Rowcroft Hospice and also Cancer charities- causes that mean a lot to him and his family.

You can be sure you will get a good service from Gavin as he believes “YOU SHOULD TREAT PEOPLE AS YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR MOTHER TO BE TREATED.”